Gigbox 2.0

The lowdown on live music in your area


  • Huge database of events
  • Integrates with your calendar
  • integration
  • Very tidy user interface
  • Interesting Gigbox Live feature


  • You can't search date ranges
  • No option for buying tickets

Very good

If you're a fan of live music music, then Gigbox is a must-have app for your Android phone.

Gigbox helps you quickly find gigs in your area and allows you to search where and when your favorite bands or artists are due to appear. Thanks to integration with, Gigbox packs a massive database of events from all over the globe, so you’ll be sure to find something that you’ll enjoy in your area.

The tidy user interface makes it easy to get around Gigbox. There’s a search tool that lets you find events based on location (it auto-detects your current location), venue or artist. Gigbox lets you link your own account with the app, meaning that you can easily search for events featuring artists you listen to most. When you click on an event you get a number of options, such as marking your attendance, adding it to your calendar, tweeting, etc. Gigbox also gives you a link to an artist biography page.

Another interesting feature is Gigbox Live, which a community feature that lets you chat and share photos with fellow gig-goers while you’re actually at the event. The community isn’t that big at the moment, but as it grows this could become an interesting way of sharing moments with other fans.

While Gigbox is generally very useful, it isn’t perfect. For instance, it takes quite a while to load forthcoming events in the search results window, so if you want to scroll down to a specific date, you could be waiting some time. Perhaps adding the ability to search a given date or date range would solve this. Also, I would like a link to purchase tickets from within the app.

Putting these issues aside, Gigbox is a fantastic resource for anyone who enjoys going to gigs and concerts.

Bug fixes


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Gigbox 2.0

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